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Dishottama Prakashans

is a leading publishing house from Nashik. Our focus is both creative and progressive in the days to come. We have been termed the fastest-growing book publishing company in Maharashtra today and creating largest book distribution network, with a retail distribution spread of over Major cities in the State.

Dishottma Prakashans Nashik aims at becoming the most widely known publishers in the market. We ensure a smoother distribution of our published material through retail bookstores, institutionsl book salers etc.

So far following bookes have been published by us which have been widely accepted by our clients.

All Books are written bySubhash H Pandey

Educational Books Published so far

* Tally Ver 7.2 (Marathi) in 2005
* Tally Ver 9 (English) in 2007
* Indian Income Tax Act 1961 (English) in 2009
* Value Added Tax (VAT) (English) in 2009
* Centra Excise Duty and Service tax (English) in 2009
* Tally.ERP 9 (English) in 2010
* Tally.ERP 9 (Marathi) in 2012
* Tally.ERP 9 ver 4.9 (English) in 2014
* Tally.ERP 9 ver 5.1(English) in 2015 (with CD) Pages 352
* Tally.ERP 9 ver 5.1(Marathi) in 2016(with CD) Pages 256
* Indian Share market (Marathi) in 2016 Pages 112
* Indian Income Tax AY 2016-17(English) in 2016 (with CD) Pages 200
* Indian Income Tax AY 2018-19(Marathi) in 2017 (with CD) Pages 180

General Books Published so far

* Ashtvinayak Mahima (Marathi) in 2006
* Uttarakhand CharDham yatra in 2008
* Madhumeh Niyantran and Upay (Marathi) in 2009
* Prasuti Purvi Aani Nantar (Marathi) in 2011
* Hruday Rog Niyantran and Upay (Marathi) in 2013
* Mashroom Mhanjech Bharpur Paisa in 2013
* Global Web Site Directory (English) in 2014

Our LATEST Publications (Educational)

* Tally .ERP 9 (English)
* Indian Income Tax Law Practice 2014-15
* Value Added Tax (VAT) (English) in 2014
* Centra Excise Duty Service tax in 2015
* Commercial Guide for Businessman (English) in 2015
* Direct Tax Code (DTC) (English) in 2015
* Goods and Service Tax (GST) (English) in 2015
* Tally.ERP 9 Ver 4.9 of 2015 ( in MARATHI)

Our Next Publications (General)

* Tally. ERP9 with INCOME TAX and GST
* General Information (For Accountants, Businessmen) Pages 200
* General Knowledge (for Kid', Students) Pages 200 (1/8 size)
* The Customs Act 1962 and Tariff Act 1975
* Accountants Guide(For Accountants, Businessmen) Pages 150
* Maharashtriyan Rangoli

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